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Alexandria west, Virginia
52 year old Mujer, 170cm, Bautista
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Negro, Virgo
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Union District October 2018

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A while ago a friend mentioned POF to me and I thought I would give it a try. Since then I have had the pleasure of meeting a couple of good hearted men. Unfortunately, I have not yet met my someone special.

In my opinion nothing fresh, new, and meant for fun should be difficult. I am not afraid of challenges but dating should be drama free. No games or tests. I am not deterred by strong, honest, God-fearing, humble, intelligent men.

I love to travel and share my adventures. I enjoy experiencing new things but I also like conversing about the past with old friends over wine and delicious meals. Speaking of meals, I consider myself a good cook however, more often than not there are other things that I would prefer to do with my time so I find myself dining out frequently.

For me, watching sports live is certainly more exciting than watching them on television and I am particularly fond of basketball. Football on the other hand I just don't get.

I'm all about self improvement and trying something new. Speaking Spanish, salsa dancing, and hand dancing or Chicago Style Stepping are things I long to be good at.

I must add that profile photographs taken in orange jumpsuits make me a bit nervous and shots with toilets and urinals in the background are not ideal.

On that note, if you were attracted to the pictures and are reading this profile I hope you are the kind of man who can appreciate a woman who can do for herself but is receptive when the man takes it into his heart to do for her. I hope you are a gentle, gentleman. I hope you are fun loving and somewhat adventurous. I hope you are not about games and are unafraid of challenges. I hope you are not deterred by secure, honest, God-fearing, humble, intelligent women.

I believe there is power in the spoken word. Words can be used as weapons or tools. I try to wield my words appropriately…to build instead of destroy.

If you are interested and would like to learn more, I look forward to building with you.


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I have no first date fantasy. I think it would place too much pressure on a man for him to get it just right.

Here is the tip…on a first date or any that might follow all women want to be treated as if that man believes she has the potential to be MORE than a first date.

My perfect first date has me eagerly awaiting our next one.

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