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mjmax2884: Shut up when your talking to me
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Yuma, Arizona
33 year old Mujer, 170cm, No religiosa
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Blanco/Caucásico, Virgo
mjmax2884 quiere salir pero nada serio.
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Love Dr.

looks can be deceiving

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I'm shy at first, but once I warm up to you I can be pretty obnoxious. Im sure anyone who knows me would give me crap for being on this site. Eh who cares I need some guy friends. I'm Sick of all the girl drama, whining,waiting and self loathing. Oh but....
Guys guys guys stop telling girls you love them, after only knowing them for 2 days.
Free advice:
Guys, these things may not apply to all woman, but it does apply to most....
Stop with the pet
#1- NO PET NAMES ...I.E. sexy, beautiful, babe, hot stuff, sweetie, pumpkin, sweet tits, muffin, Hun, darlin,****lips ( I'll be adding more I'm sure)etc.... *Unless you've been seeing each other for a while or even actually met in person, it is not ok to refer to women as delicious food items, and or treat them as sexual objects. Yes even if they are dressed like sluts and hoe bags. Now if you know for sure she is a hoe and or slut bag and have refutable evidence. Then it is ok to give her all of the above names and more. It is also ok to sexually harass her as much as possible. She probably likes it. So lesson número uno Don't waste your time coming up with clever pet names and sly sexual innuendos. Try to use the name she gave you! And if she doesnt even give you her name, take a hint do not ask for her number. Next, Use your manors. * Calling a woman by a proper name makes her think she is being respected, a man being kind and curtitious gets her aroused. A woman who is turned on and feels respected is more likely to let you disrespect her in the bedroom and it could take less time and effort getting her there.
*For more tips and advice ask me about my blog. How to ditch the bi$#& once youve tagged her and bagged her.and what to do if shes a clinger.


Are you In LOVE?
well heres THE CURE: Yuma is full of love sick fools. And I have the cure. I am completely booked until 2056. so here are a few things you can do in the mean time, to get rid of the love bug. Warning:(Symptoms of lust often mimic that of the symptoms of love so make sure you are suffering from love sickness before you begin these avoid looking like a complete dumb ass)
Symptoms of love are as followed: longing to be with a person with no expectation of sexual activities. Spending numerous amounts of time with an individual with whom you've already had sexual relations. Spending large amounts of money on this individual even after sexual favors have subsided. Hearing bells,loss of your ability to fear words like love, waiting until marriage, settle down, start a family, kids, dad, step children, step dad and other obvious words of commitment. (WARNING:The consideration of committing to one individual indefinitely is a serious sign of being in love and you should seek the nearest hooker as soon as possible.) here are a few easy steps if you feel you may be falling in love: if you are in a relationship Cheat, Sleep with strangers, verbally abuse a suspected significant other. Hit on and or sleep with family members of the person whom you suspect you may be in love with. Flirt with friends of person you may be falling for. Do not return their phone calls, make sure to zone out with any and all important and personal trust based subjects.
The cause: spending too much time with one individual of the opposite sex with no sexual benefits. Waiting for someone to give it up. respecting the decision to not give it up. This is usually where the infection begins. If this happens immediately find someone who will give it up sooner. If you follow these steps correctly Symptoms of love should begin to subside. In some serious cases youve already engagement. If this is the case you may want to develop a social relationship with another of the opposite sex one whom is not the person who you have made the engagement. ThiS relationship should be with a promiscuous individual with no moral standards or values, they should have no goals in life. This person should preferably be a slut or someone who gets around. Spend as much time with this person as possible. until the symptoms of love begin to fade. And or the infectious person is forgotten. If you feel you have done everything suggested and love has still got you down you may need to be referred to a specialists. In some cases love may have also effected your wallet. In this situation you may want to visit Platinum Cabaret on Wednesdays, where for just a few coins you will receive an abundance of loveless attention that is sure to take your mind off of symptoms of love. There are a few other establishments where you will find temporary relief but beware of side effects. Some side effects reported; itchiness, swelling, feelings of guilt, low self worth,open sores, head lice, crabs, and several other S.T.D's. If these side effects persist visit your regular health care professional. It is best just to avoid people who have potential and may be capable of loving. This will reduce your risk of falling in love, but sometimes it can not be avoided. just be careful and look out for warning signs. Good luck love birds.

I'm really out of shape so if your a gym junky then either put in the time to help me get back in shape or skip right over cuz I'm nothing nice in a swimsuit. That's real talk.

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Pizza and video games.

Don't upgrade! these are my Interests :

Lady gagas gender, beats, rhyming words. Notes.

Others include Big butts, the fact that I can not lie, all these brothers that can't deny, round things in my face, and getting sprung.

I'm a closet romantic. So I hope you have a big closet.

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