DCDancer: Former reporter seeks story w/happy ending
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Washington, District Of Columbia
60 year old Mujer, 163cm, No religiosa
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Blanco/Caucásico, Escorpio
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January 2018 Longboat Key, Sarasota

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IMPORTANT: I tried to correct my age but the POF system will not allow me to change it ...I am older than the posted age. And why would anyone only accept messages from upgraded users? Defeats the purpose, doesn't it? I just wrote a nice reply message and the guy who sent it will never see my reply to him because his own settings blocked it, so it disappeared. Wouldn't you prefer to allow everyone YOU are interested in to be able to contact or reply to you, and then YOU decide whether to meet?

About me:
Creative. Communicator. Play. Laugh. Intuitive. Emotionally-grounded. Psychologically-oriented. Enjoy kids ...and adults!

Present. Grateful. Enjoying the journey.

So right-brained that I can never remember which side does what ...but many would perceive me as very left-brained. O.K., I know that right-brain/left-brain theory is a myth, but most people don't ...so that's a simple way of explaining that I'm intuitive & creative, as well as logical & analytical.

ENFP or INFP ...very balanced in three of the four, but strongly intuitive. I am smart, sensual, and centered.

Diverse activities ... body/mind ...yoga, dance, swim, bike, hike, walk, crawl if necessary ...a little tennis & golf ...read, reflect, surf web, stay in touch! Photography, of course. ... movies, plays, concerts, ballet, art ... expressions of human creativity. Nature.

Creativity. Humans. Art. Yay! Hobby led to an exhibit of 45 of my photos at Washington, DC art gallery.

News. Friends sometimes call me a clipping service. I'm always interested to know what's going on out there & to share it with others. (Former TV reporter ...old habits linger on.) That and my helpful nature led to not-for-profit career.

What I’m doing with my life:
DOING... HOW outweighs WHAT...
...less important WHAT you do than HOW you do it ....whether you stay on the surface or plunge in ... live in your head or have a visceral experience of whatever you choose to do ...whether you are thwarted by psychological defenses or feel free to pursue your desires with passion and intensity.

I’m really good at enjoying life ...being helpful and thoughtful ...dancing ...creativity ...problem-solving ...stringing things together and connecting the dots ...insight.

Full disclosure: I'm actually well over the age that shows in the profile but initially listed this way to be viewed by Searches with a lower age cut-off, since most men Search for women their own age or younger. The system won't let me change it now. I'm told I look better in person than in my photos, which are current. Honesty is essential, so I am telling you the truth so you can decide whether you are still interested. (I hope you are, but it is your choice ...no deception, ever!)

Favorite books, movies, shows, music, and food:
Music: It's absolutely essential!
Jazz > Blues >Pop> Classical >American Songbook > Gregorian Chants > anything good! ... I bathe in sound ...wrap it around and weave it into my life. Current faves: Eva Cassidy, John Coltrane, Lady Gaga, Mozart, Madeleine Peyroux, Harold Arlen, Chris Botti, IBIS, Four ****in' Babes, Morgana King...

Food & wine ...mix & match pairings ...fun, not serious. Oh, except dark chocolate ...I'm serious about that!

Books: a stack of them is always on my night table, and it only seems to grow. Classics are Love In the Time Of Cholera. Conscious Loving.

Movies ...The Big Short , Memento, Into The Wild, Love Actually, Pieces of April, Cinema Paradiso, Kissing Jessica Stein, Milk, too many to list ...have seen many Oscar nominees but also enjoy Indies.

Radio/TV: NPR, The Daily Show (especially when it was Jon Stewart), Rachel Maddow, John Oliver, Bill Maher, Colbert, HGTV, In Treatment, The Blacklist, Downton Abbey, Seth Meyers, especially when he does A Closer Look. Yes, I am politically a liberal Democrat, though fiscally conservative on some issues.

Six things I could never do without:
Dark Chocolate
Beauty (art, light, nature, music)
A sense of humor
Comfortable shoes

Since 2011 I have been a snowbird, dividing my time between Florida and a well-established life in Washington, D.C. Now I am exploring whether to make Florida (or another sunny location) my full-time home. I like Sarasota but am open to a variety of possibilities.

You should message me if you feel we might find a connection and chemistry, you have a playful sense of adventure, and/or you are interested in and capable of having a warm, wonderful, emotionally-intimate relationship.

One last important notice...

*Any institutions or individuals using this site or any of its associated sites for studies, projects, advertising, sales, or any other reason: you DO NOT have permission to use any of my profile or pictures in any form or forum both current and future. If you have or do, it will be considered a violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal ramifications. It has been suggested that everyone post a notice like this one on their profile

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