Michelle & Bryan, Married

"We definitely were not searching for something serious..."
Both having made profiles for fun, Bryan and I never expected to meet anyone the way we met each other. We spoke a few times, he gave me his phone number, I never texted or called. I personally was not looking for a relationship and simply made a profile to see what this new site was all about. Well, after being blown off by someone else, we both happened to be wide awake at 1 a.m. We talked for hours--4 to be exact--and I decided that I would take his phone number this time. The next day, after texting for most of the morning, I had reached out to my friends about our plans to watch the Rangers vs. Capitals playoff game that night at the bar. They all blew me off. Within an hour, Bryan texted me and asked me to watch the game with him--ironically, his friends had blown him off as well. He was attending Stony Brook for graduate school and I was living with my parents in Huntington, so we decided to meet halfway. After that night we spent every single day together for the rest of the month. I was set to go on an annual Memorial Day weekend trip with my girlfriends from college to Ocean City, MD. In another coincidence, Bryan has the same plans with his friends. Not only was he going on the same vacation, he was only 10 blocks away from where we were staying. What started off as a visit turned into an entire weekend. Only 3 weeks after we met, Bryan and I decided to date exclusively. That summer with him was the best summer of my life. Our friends, our families, everyone got along. I couldn't have been happier. When Bryan moved back home, even the hour drive from Huntington to Rockaway Beach didn't seem long. In November 2012, Superstorm Sandy hit. Bryan's childhood home was flooded. His entire basement apartment and all of his belongings were destroyed. If he hadn't been staying with me in Long Island for the night, I can't imagine what would have happened. His house became unlivable, as was most of Rockaway Beach. My family welcomed his mother and him into our home that night. Bryan lived with us for months. We then decided to move in together. His mom was selling their home and he needed a place to live. I wanted to be there with him. We moved into an apartment in Rockaway Beach in May 2013. Six months later, Bryan proposed. We are looking to be married in June 2015.