, Married 9/2014

When I was on Plenty of Fish, I wasn't really looking for romance, but moreso friends. I was a single mother who was in school and my daughter's father had taken off on us back to the East Coast. Edmonton was an extremely different place than my small hometown. While searching for people to talk to, I accidentally clicked on Keith's profile, trying to click on the guy next to him. When I first saw his age, I was like, NO! Little did I know that as soon as I clicked his profile, a notification went to his phone. We messaged each other off and on for a few weeks and finally I agreed to meet him. When I first met him though, I certainly didn't think, "Oh this is my soul mate!" But I did break my number one rule that men never get to meet my daughter ... what can I say, I needed diapers and he showed up early before I could get her down for her nap. He drove us around so I could do my errands and I remember thinking that it felt so natural ... like I had known this guy my whole life! He took us out for dinner and then stuck around while I put my little one to bed. After a great evening of hanging out, I didn't want him to go. He had his coat on ready to leave but I asked him to stay ... Three and a half years later, we are engaged to be married and to my daughter, this is her dad. I could not have asked for a more patient, understanding, amazing man to be a part of our family. We are so excited to take the next step in our lives together and are having a lot of fun planning our wedding! Thanks POF for helping me find, quite literally, my soul mate!