, Married 5/2012

"A Magical Moment in Time, made my dreams come true!"
Steve and I met December 13th 2009 on POF, we chatted for 7 hours on the phone, til 130 am. He had to get up and drive to CA at 6 and would be gone for 3 days. While he was away we spoke everyday and I couldn't wait to meet in person. Wednesday December 16th, 2009 he drove directly to my house from CA and the moment our eyes met, It felt magical, like there were sparkling stars all around us, a fairy tale is how I would describe our first moment, it was like a Disney movie where the princess is rescued and falls deeply in love with her Prince. From that moment, we have not been apart. We are the best of friends and have the deepest love for each other. I am so grateful for POF because I never thought there was anyone out there for me. We have so much in common and our friends all say we look great together, we compliment each other. I never believed in "Love at First Site" but I know if it could happen to me.....it can happen for you!!!