Jennifer & Chris, Married 6/2013

"True Love and Happiness Does Exist!"
I was on here for 2 years of dating. Knew exactly what I wanted and would not settle for less. I went on some Terrible dates but also met some wonderful guys on here. Just took time to find that connection. I refused to give up and no matter how bad the last date was I kept looking and going out. Yes, it took time and work but knew if I did not try he would never find me. We met on here after I discovered him doing my search with all my restrictions and then his pic popped up. We started messaging then exchanged numbers. Arranged our first date and it was wonderful. We know how lucky we were to find each other and instantly had that connection and knew. First instincts were very important and wonderful. We took our time but both knew we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. After meeting on July 2, 2010 we were then married June 29, 2013. Don't ever give up and keep trying. We both did and are so extremely happy and in love!!!