, Married

"True Love"
Lindsay first messaged me in August of 2002. We chatted back and forth for about a month before we had our first date. The first time I laid eyes on her I though she was the beautiful woman I had ever laid my eyes on. The first date came and went without any problems, but we both seemed unsure of how things would transpire. Over the course of the next year our love for each other grew and I knew it was time to take the next step. I was able to secretly ask her father for her hand in marriage right in front of her without her knowing. We were planning on moving in with each other and I was supposed to ask for her dads blessing. I told her I would ask him while while attending her cousins wedding in Seattle. I broke off for what she thought was asking her dad to move in together, but in reality I was asking for her hand in marriage. With his blessing I began the process of planning the proposal. I started with the ring! Lindsay's mother had passed away when she was younger so I asked her father if he still had her mothers’ wedding wing and he did. So along with that and the wedding ring from my father to my mother I designed a whole new ring incorporating both diamonds. Now the proposal was a whole other process. I planned to ask her in front of all our friends and family while on her annual birthday wine trip to Temecula! I set up to have a blind tasting for everyone at Leoness Cellars. The five bottles were covered and when she unveiled them etched into each one in gold leaf were the words, "LINDSAY WILL YOU MARRY ME?" Well she said yes and the rest is history. I never joined PoF with the intention to find true love but that is just what I found. Thanks PoF for everything I could have asked for a better soul mate. For those that are getting frustrated because you can't seem to find the one, my words to you are keep trying. Sometimes you find the person when you least expect it!