Kristen & Monica, Married 10/2013

"Two Worlds Collide"
Kristen- Monica asked her viewers to say something more than just "hi"… I don't like to be told what to do, so that's all I said. I messaged her anyway, and I never expected to be deserving of her love. We saw each other over computer screens every day. We were separated by the US/Canada border and 2.5 hours, but she came to see me every weekend for ten months. We knew from the moment we Skyped that there wouldn't be anyone else for either of us. After DOMA fell, we knew the time was right. Although we struggled initially to find support, eventually our family and friends came out of the woodwork to be by our sides when our wedding day came. Monica- If it hadn't been for that one message on POF, I would've still been searching for someone or perhaps have just given up.