Brandon & Chelsie, Married 10/2017

I had previously used Plenty of Fish as well as other dating websites, however I had no good results. I went on a few dates after connecting with a few people on the sites, but nothing positive ever resulted from said dates! Until one day, I was sitting at home, bored after a long day at work. I started browsing through profiles, saw a few girls that struck my interest, but that's all I had ever dated from these sites, were girls, and I was on the hunt for the woman, the one God had created for me! I saw Chelsie's profile picture and thought, now she looks great! Something about that brown haired, brown eyed southern belle, completely blindsided me! I messaged her, with no instant reply. So I impatiently waited all night, finally went to sleep, then woke up the next morning to check for a reply from this beautiful enchantress! Still nothing. I went to work like any other day, came home, checked the site, and there it was, the long awaited message for which I had been waiting. I messaged her back and we continued swapping messages until I gave her my phone number, and she texted me the next day telling me she was in town trying to find a costume for a Halloween Party, I had just gotten off from work. I messaged her back and asked if she liked surprises, and she said, "Depends". I said okay, cool. I drove to the store where I knew she was and walked in the door and instantly knew it was her, as if that beautiful, perfect smile wasn't a dead giveaway. I walked her to her truck, and asked if she cared to have dinner with me. She said she'd already eaten, however she could go for some sweet tea. I said great I know the place. She followed me to No Way Jose, the local Mexican restaurant. We ordered two glasses of sweet tea, and sat talking and laughing all the while comparing horror stories of online dating. I felt as though time was standing still and she and I were the only two that even mattered. After five hours of talking, I walked her to her truck once again, and leaned in for a hug, whispered in her ear, I hope to see you again. We then parted ways. Since that day, we have had several dates, we still laugh and talk about that first date, and how not awkward it was, compared to previous dates concerning both parties. Since then, we have become best friends, we have shared a million I love you's, and three months from now, we will be celebrating our one year anniversary! YES! We got married at a local venue, with a beautiful and fantastic ceremony! We celebrated our nuptials while cruising to Nassau, Bahamas via Royal Caribbean's Majesty of the Seas cruise ship! And all I can say after spending almost a year with my beautiful brown-eyed bride is...I thought I loved her then, however with each passing day, I find myself falling in love with her all over again, only more in love each day! Thank you Plenty of Fish! You're awesome!!