, Married 6/2018

Simon was going to be my last online date and after our first date I thought..."well I won't hear from him again." Well I couldn't be more wrong! He messaged me the minute he got home to organise a dinner date the next night despite my continuous date babbling (or maybe because of it). Then he won my heart when he travelled interstate to be part of my birthday celebrations. My dogs adored him so he was a keeper. It may appear that we were rushing into things--getting engaged so early in our relationship surprised a lot of people. But we pretty much lived together for 5 years after our engagement. Our wedding sums up the romantic in Simon and our life together. We were married on the winter/summer solstice of Australia and Canada (the country I was born) on a Queensland mountain. It was timed so it was actually the same day for both our birth countries. I happily climb the trail up a mountain in a wedding gown to enjoy a very personal, meaningful and intimate ceremony. Thank you POF for helping us find each other as we celebrate our 1 month wedding anniversary,