Serina & Nick, Married

My friends forced me on to online dating, and I was extremely skeptical due to the fact of feeling that most guys just wanted to hook up. After a couple days of being on I deleted the app. A few months later I was very annoyed with the email notifications I would get from POF I so I re downloaded it to delete it completely . Right before I did I got a message from Nick letting me know that I had a gorgeous smile and from that point on my life was extremely changed. Nick I met up for coffee the following day and it was love at first sight which is something I never believed in. A month after going out on dates we decided to become exclusive as of right now we are engaged and living with each other. I am a healthcare professional and one day I got a call from Nick's best friend stating that he was in an accident and in the hospital. I rushed to the hospital where I work and I saw Nick lying in bed. Next thing I knew the room filled with music and Nick took his neck brace off along with his gown he was wearing a tux Cito my family popped out including all my coworkers, he had a speech prepared which made me cry and got down on one knee. It was the best day of my life I am extremely lucky to be with the man of my dreams and I can't wait to marry him . Learn to trust people it works for me if it wasn't for this app I would not be with my future husband. I will love him forever as he does for me . I hope the rest of you are able to have a true success story . If you aren't looking for true commitment don't sign up, and be honest from the beginning .