Kenicia & Justin, Married 2/2018

On January 4, 2017, I was on a dating website called POF (Plenty of Fish), just borrowing and seeing who was on the website. Well I came across Justin’s profile and decided to read it, so I like what it stated and decided to write him a message. Well I did not think he was going to write me back, but he did. We chatted for a few days and then exchanged numbers. The first night we talked on the phone for hours like we were in high school, lol. So that weekend I had drill and Justin was over his cousin’s house for their Sunday family time and he asked me to come by, well I told he I was tired and really did not want to come, but really, I was just nervous and I thought he was just trying to play games, well I gave in and decided to stop by. So, when I got there, I was like he is cute, lol, and we talked for hours about life and what we wanted out of life. He was such a gentleman, and I was impressed, so when I got home we talked some more. Well I headed home that next week to have knee surgery, and we were talking about it and then he asked could he come take care of me, I was thinking to myself this guy is crazy, we just met each other last week. So, I prayed about it and told him ok he could come. So, I called my grandmother and told her, and she said” Ok I will see ya’ll when you get here”! Well, I did not think Justin was coming, but he fooled me, so I met him at his cousin’s house and he trailed me all the way home. When we got to the house the first thing he did was made sure the house was clean, clothes were washed and cooked us some dinner. I was amazed because I had never met I guy like him. I asked why he did that, he said “Because you are about to have surgery and I want to make sure everything is perfect for you”! Ever since that day he has been always made sure everything was perfect for me! The rest is history!!!! On February 2, 2017. It was just like a normal day, Justin and my grandmother dropped me off at church because we had a special youth and young adult program and I wanted to attend, so I could not drive because I just had knee surgery two weeks before, so Justin and my grandmother went to the store to look around. When they came to pick me up, they asked “Are you hungry?”, I stated “Yes”, so went to KFC because that was the closest place to church and it was getting late. So, when we got home Justin got me and my grandmother settled on the couch and then he went in the kitchen to get the food. Well what I did not know is that he was about to propose. So, I am sitting there talking to my granny about church and he walks in with my food and he has phone in his hand. So, I open the box of food and I look down and there was the ring box, I was so surprised and then he asked me to be his wife and I said “Yes”. This was the best feeling in the world. So, I texted my girls, and told them” I am getting married”.