, Married 2/2015

Tim's profile showed up on my page for several days but I did not message him. He started messaging me to say hi but his messages were intermittent. When he asked to meet I was all set for another disappointing "interview". I was on time at our meeting place but he was not. I thought I was getting stood up when he texted to say he was rescuing a co-worker who had run out of gas. When he walked in I immediately notices his beautiful blue eyes and salt and pepper hair. I was "tuned in". We talked for a couple of hours that seemed like 10 minutes. He walked me to my car which is a 2011 Camaro SS. His eye lit up like a little kid so we went for ride and I let him drive. He kissed me goodbye and it was magic. I went home and called my best friend to tell her I had just been on my last "first date". It was the same with him. It is so amazing when you meet the ONE. Everything just aligns and that is how it was for us. He asked me to marry him 4 months later and I said 'YES'. This is my first marriage but not my first proposal. We are a team in every way. Thank you POF for providing the bait for these two fisherpersons to catch the trophy fish that we both thought never existed.