Latiska & Anthony, Married 10/2014

After going on numerous dates and meeting all sorts of people, My husband and I were about to shut down our profiles until we made a connection through a simple hello! I messaged him saying how I loved his profile and that it would be really cool to get to know him better, and that if he was interested to message me back. It took him about a week to do so, but when he did it changed the rest of our lives. Neither one of us was looking for a relationship any longer, just friends. Once we began talking on the phone for about two weeks, we decided it was time to meet. Conversing over the phone made the physical connection stronger since we had invested so much time into each other. The evening we met was one of the most terrifying experiences that either one of us has ever had! We had dinner at Apple Bees and went to a movie. After the date was officially over, we continued to sit and talk as if we had known each other forever. Right then and there we knew without a shadow of doubt that we were definitely going to see one another again. Everything happened so fast! We met in January of 2014, became a couple in February, got pregnant in March, engaged in June, Married in October, and had our baby in November! Even though things moved along so quickly, the bottom line was that we both knew what we wanted and didn't want and despite everything we've been through in our past, we knew how to have patience, love, and trust, and that's the key!