, Married 1/2013

"Best Success story ever!"
We met after talking on here for a couple months and she moved in immediately just as friends but it turned into so much more after just a couple days. We got married just a few months later and have been nothing but happy for over 2 years and we even have a newborn son! I couldn't be happier with anyone else and I've been married before for only a year and a half but Chrissy has my heart and always will. I was on 3 other sites at the time but yours was the best. It was free for me to contact her so I could eventually meet her. Thank you POF so much for the forever happiness I now have with my wife and children, we owe it all to you guys! Thank you again! The picture is of Christinas previous children, then our newborn son, and me and her on Halloween 2014.