Suzanne & Karl, Married 7/2014

"Happy in love!"
It was Karl's photo that caught my eye, even though it was only a face shot, in among all the thousands of photos and profiles I felt that I had traulled through in my time on dating websites over a couple of years. POF was easy because there was no restrictions, lots of entertainment in individuals own comments which always made it fun. I had tried various sites and been really fussy with who I had talked to and even fussier with who I'd met! I think that then made me more brave to reach out when I found a profile I liked and make the first move, where previously I had always liked being chased. Once I contacted Karl we shared lots of banter over email on the site. We got all the usual initial questions out of the way to confirm we were both single, no ties, limited 'baggage', non smokers, animal lovers - all the things that were important to us at the time. The conversations flowed easily and there was never any second guessing, it felt very natural and I think that is when you know it's right. We chatted online for over a month before we met, partly because Christmas was coming up, so in the new year of 2011 Karl swept me off my feet by organising a very romantic day trip to Winter wonderland in Hyde park, ice skating first to break the ice!! Mulled wine, rides, games, shopping, food, the day flew by. The rest, as they say, is history. We are now married with a baby on the way! I'm happier than I've ever been and would encourage anyone to persist with their search for happiness, it's all about trying not to be someone you are not, just be yourself and go with your gut when you meet someone, don't waste time if you know deep down that they are perfect, but... :) Happy dating!