, Married 3/2014

"Hook, line, and sinker..."
So here is our timeline... January 2011 - Lou messaged Victoria with the hopes of meeting this girl who seems way too good to be true on her POF page :). We decide to take things very slowly and get to know each other over the phone before rushing into a first date...we were both a little weary of the whole online dating thing. March 2011 - We decided to go out to Sunday brunch and keep things pretty simple. Aside from both being a little hungover from a St Patty's day celebration that we both had attended the day prior (we had no clue that we'd both be there) it was a great time. April 2012 - After a year a fun times and a organic progression with the relationship we decide to take a huge step and move in together. Lou was able to get me to move out of the big city and into the burbs with the intentions of taking their relationship to the next level. May 2013 - Lou pops the big question and asks me to marry him! I knew from day one that Lou was the right man for me and without hesitation I said..."YES!" March 2014 - Lou and I were able to celebrate the union of our love with our closest family and friends (all 250 of them!). We had such an amazing time and to think it all started with one little message of POF. POF - we are so grateful that we met each other through your dating site. We both knew what we wanted in a partner and POF gave us the ability to search for that person on our own terms, and at our own pace.