Stephanie & John "Casey", Married 10/2012

""The metaverse you might be looking for...""
When I signed up with POF, I was a 19 year old with a baby, and I had recently been forced to move back in with my parents. I honestly had very low expectations; I had already been burned a couple of times by online dating, and this was basically my last-ditch effort to do some casual dating. My profile was admittedly laced with sarcasm and silly pictures and expressions (my tagline being "Looking for my alternate reality"). I was disappointed by the people with whom I was "matched," and even more disappointed with the brief messages I received from would-be suitors, messages that were always plagued with poor grammar and spelling and other evidence that I could not possibly find common ground with their authors. I went on a couple of dates anyway, hoping for the best, but I was not impressed. Then one day I checked my inbox and saw that I had received a message that didn't start with, "hi"; the subject line read "The metaverse you might be looking for..." The author drew me in with his intellect and quick wit, and I knew I had to meet him. That message turned out to be the start of a strange and wonderful thing. Casey and I have now been together for five and a half years, and married for almost two years. He has loved my daughter since the moment he met her, and he legally adopted her last year. He introduced me to board gaming and role playing games, and I introduced him to politics and a healthier lifestyle. From the hilariously awkward first date, to the tragedies and hard times we've pulled each other through, to our steampunk wedding, and even our boring day-to-day activities, I simply can't imagine my life without him.