gatorade33: Guaranteed to make you laugh, or your money back
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Guadalajara, Jalisco
33 year old Hombre, 183cm, Católico
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Medio oriente Cancer con Cabello negro
gatorade33 Quiere salir pero nada serio.
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Laughing is my favorite. It's the best medicine. Trust me, I'm in med school, and I know it's true. Not sure what type of doctor I plan to be, I do have a few specialties in mind, but waiting for rotations to get a better perspective of each field. Outside of that, which unfortunately isn't too much, I love sports, favorite being soccer, but also play basketball, tennis, softball, football etc. I am a bit competitive, sometimes to a fault.

I've played the piano forever, and if I didn't love medicine, I would have tried to play it for a career. Can definitely get lost in playing for hours. The bad thing is that it's not very portable, so I had to take up the guitar to at least play some type of music.

Well I think that's enough for now, don't really want to divulge everything out here, leave some things to be found out. Happy fishing.